An Android Use For The iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard


One of the biggest challenges that I’ve been facing with my experiment to not use my laptop for any personal Internet use is with text input. Unfortunately there is a severe lack of decent Android-powered smartphones with a built-in QWERTY keyboard, so I’m stuck using the onscreen keyboard.

After struggling with it, I remembered that some years ago I bought an iGo Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard for $30, which was an incredible deal. I’ve used the keyboard with several of my Nokia handsets, and was bummed to discover that Android does not have the Bluetooth HID support that my Nokia phones have always had. Fortunately, CyanogenMod’s v6.0 ROM has this support built right in.

As you can see in the image, I’m now using my iGo Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard to type this on my Nexus One. It’s definitely a great solution, and will make blogging from my phone a much more enjoyable experience, for sure. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any good deals on the iGo Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard online anymore. Amazon wants over $100 for it, and most of the Ebay auctions are priced the same. If you got in on the $30 deal a while back like I did, I would definitely encourage you to root your phone, install CyanogenMod v6.0, and enjoy the keyboard once again.

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