A Return To Mobile Blogging

A long while ago, I was really obsessed with mobile blogging – that is, blogging from a mobile device. I kept trying from my Symbian-powered smartphones, but kept coming up short. Unfortunately, software was the main limiting factor. There simply are not any great solutions for blogging from a Symbian-powered smartphone, in my experience. Yes, there’s an official WordPress app, but due to the small storage, I was unable to use it on my Nokia N97. My new Nexus One, however, runs the official Android WordPress app like a champ, so here I am.

I hope to start blogging from my phone more going forward. It’s incredibly convenient, since I always have it with me and I don’t have to wait for it to boot up or anything. I’ll also be exploring other things that I can do from my phone. I believe that we’re incredibly close to having an entire generation of humans who are connected, but have never used a computer – they’ve always relied solely on their smartphone. I’m anxious to try to see what their experience might be with today’s technology, to see areas in which it could be improved.

Are you one of those? Do you still use your computer primarily, or has your phone yet taken over as your primary connected device?

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