First Reviews Of The Nokia Booklet 3G Are Poor

The first reviews of the Nokia Booklet 3G are coming online, and overall, they’re pretty bad. Thus far, Diggnation’s Alex Albrecht, CrunchGear, and have published their reviews on this sleek little netbook, with somewhat mixed results.

To be fair, Alex doesn’t really ‘review’ the Booklet 3G as much as he unboxes it, but he seems to be really impressed with the hardware. As someone who uses alot of gadgets, I think it says quite a bit about Nokia’s design skills to impress Alex.


Laptopmag and CrunchGear have both posted more traditional reviews with similar conclusions. The Nokia Booklet looks great, and has some really killer features and abilities. Unfortunately, it seems as though Nokia opted for a sluggish version of Intel’s Atom processor, and we alreadyknew that they locked it down to 1GB of RAM, which is, frankly, pathetic for such a high-end netbook. Also, Nokia is advertising a 12-hour battery life on the Booklet 3G but neither reviewer has seen such long usage, which is disappointing.

Another major letdown is the fact that these review units are shipping with Windows 7 Starter Edition, which is about as stripped down as you can get in the Windows world. This version of Microsoft’s new operating system eliminates many of the customization options, such as changing the background or theme, as well as the cool Aero visualizations. I’ve been using Windows 7 Ultimate and now Windows 7 Professional on my Asus 1000HE Eeepc and it runs great.

I’m definitely anxious to get my hands on a review unit of the Nokia Booklet 3G and pitch it against the 1000HE, which I think is one of the best values in the netbook world, at the moment. At this point though, I think it’s fair to say that I’m slightly less excited about the Booklet 3G, unfortunately.

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