Checking in from SXSW

Checking in from SXSW 09, it’s halfway through my first full day and thus far, I’ve met a TON of cool people, looking forward to meeting more. This has already been quite a discovery trip for me, as I’m experiencing new ways to use tools like SMS, web, and especially my phone. It’s fascinating to me how much of this event is planned via sms, Twitter, and similar services. It really is all about who is included in your network.

Another thing that I’m finding is that there are tons of people just like me – people who, at one point, had ‘real jobs’ and are now working in this thing we call the web, specifically in mobilizing and social networking/marketing. On some points, that’s a good thing. I’m encouraged to see more people struggling with the same things that I do, and excited about the same things that I am. It’s always good to feel like you’re a part of a larger community, and I’ve joined the ‘connected geeks’ quite well, I believe.

On the other hand, this discovery is really depressing. While I’m working in various directions to build and prove that I add unique value, the truth is that there are hundreds upon thousands of people who are also well-equipped and looking to accomplish the same goal. The realization that what I’m working towards is not ‘new’, as I’d like to think that it is.

More thoughts from SXSW soon.

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