Adventures With Yoigo

So I’m in Barcelona, Spain, for Nokia World 2008, and one of my first missions was to get an unlimited data SIM, so that I can easily stay connected. I’d gotten the tip to find a Yoigo SIM, and set out on Sunday afternoon with Jonathan Greene to find a Phonehouse or some other place that would sell the Yoigo pay-as-you-go, which offers unlimited HSDPA here in Spain for 1.50 EUR/day. GIven that it was Sunday, we found a small newspaper stand that sold them, and 10 EUR later, I’m set up – or so I thought.

Apparently, when you get a Yoigo pay-as-you-go SIM, they’re supposed to take a photocopy of your passport, and send that in to the company, to activate your SIM. Obviously, the newspaper dude didn’t. To make figuring this out incredibly difficult, everything is in Spanish, which I don’t really speak/read, so trying to use the website, or calling in resulted in just more confusion as to why my SIM card wouldn’t work.

FInally, after sitting on hold for ~30 minutes, I got through to an English-speaking rep, who informed me that my SIM might be stolen/otherwise illegitimate, and that I would need to go to a Phonehouse store or other retailer to get a copy of my passport faxed in. Fun.

Finally, we found a Phonehouse, got a new SIM, and popped it in my Nokia N82. Within a few minutes, I’d received a number of messages welcoming me to the service, giving me my balance, and then, finally, the all-important Access Point details. Whew! Kind of. I did not have the same seamless experience with the N85, as I was informed that it could not be automatically configured (presumably because it’s so new).

So, I’ve got ONE unlimited HSDPA SIM card, and both the N82 and N85, but it only works in the N82. Suck. Aha, but I determined how to fix this. I know that the N96 is able to receive the confirmation message, and is also, like the N85, S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack2. I also know that I can manually request the configuration message by texting ‘TODAS’ to 500. So, I put my Yoigo SIM into an N96 and send the TODAS message, then popped the battery out as soon as the message went through. I then popped the SIM card back into my N85, and waited for the message.

Success! I was able to recieve and save the configuration message to my N85, and now can use my Yoigo SIM, with unlimited HSDPA! Love it. Quite the hassle, but completely worth it.

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