What Would An ‘iPhone Killer’ Look Like?

I hate to even bring up the iPhone here, because I’m guaranteed a flood of fanboys saying that I’m an iPhone hater and that I just don’t get it, blah blah blah. However, I have an honest question, and I’m hoping for at least a few honest answers. Since the iPhone came out, everyone’s been looking for the ‘iPhone killer’. That magical handset that some other manufacturer is going to produce that will dethrone the iPhone as the greatest <insert whatever> phone ever.

My question, is what would an ‘iPhone killer’ even look like? What would it be capable of, what would it look like? Thus far, as far as I can recollect, any finger-friendly touchscreen enabled handset (despite the fact that these were available before the iPhone came out) has been labeled an iPhone copycat/wannabe/clone.

Most recently, the Nokia Tube has been labeled an ‘iPhone killer’, and Ewan over at SMS Text News has chatted with some people who’ve played with it. They’re saying it’s definitely nice, but nothing impressive, but I’d like to know what would it take for it to be impressive, vs the iPhone? You can’t tell me that nothing would be greater than the iPhone, cause, well, that’s clearly not true, and certainly won’t be true in even a year, or possibly less.

So what say you? What do you think an ‘iPhone killer’ would look like?

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